To guarantee you pleasure and security, a bicycle, whatever electric or not, must be maintained. And because we do for our own bikes, it has been so evident to propose the same service for your bicycle.

Cycl’Hope regularly renew his bikes in order to keep a choice of recent ones. So we sell those bikes at an interesting price, but we also have replacement pieces you can buy: tubes, cables, brake blocks, and many others.

Used bikes for sale

Are you searching for a used bike at an affordable price ? Here at Cycl’Hope, we propose a choice of bikes, electrical bikes and mountain bikes.

Participatory maintenance

Cycl’Hope is mostly based on the principle of the participatory maintenance. The concept is simple. We suplly the skills and the tools to help you maintain your bike by yourself. So, you learn progressively bike mechanics, to become autonome later on some or all of the maintenance.

You need help to replace the bicycle chain, or adjust the speed mechanism of your mountain bike ? Cycl’Hope is there to help you doing that by yourself !

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Sale of spare parts

Cycl’Hope sells bicycles spare parts at attractive prices, both in a partipatory maintenance or not.

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