Just make a selection of bikes and accessories and go on the paths to discover the Dordogne-Périgord. Among them, the greenway that goes along the canal of Lalinde between the dam of Tuillières and the port of Mauzac, for 20km !

The greenway is mainly a paved road that allows you to discover the canal that facilitated navigation on the Dordogne with remarkable places like the basin of St. Capraise, the port of Couze and the site of the Borie.

Whenever you’re alone, with friends, or with your family, bike hiking has become a wonderful method to visit touristic sites. Moreover, when the technology gives you even more confort associated to the discovery of new teritories, you have no more choice than enjoy a maximum !

That’s why Cycl’Hope is working hard day after day to give you performant and recent bikes just to let you have unforgettable moments during the best days of the year: your holidays. Our main goal is to ensure that you get the best product for your confort and your pleasure.

VTC Adult12€22€38€50€62€74€86€98€
VTT Adult20€30€50€70€90€100€110€120€
VTC Elec24€42€77€98€122€146€160€185€
VTT Elec30€45€80€110€140€170€200€230€
VTT Child9€12€20€27€34€41€48€55€
Carbon road30€50€70€95€115€130€155€175€
Bike Elec Luxe33€50€83€116€149€182€215€248€
Bike rack (2 bikes)12€24€36€48€60€72€84€96€
Bike rack (4 bikes)16€28€42€56€70€84€108€122€
Child seat5€10€15€20€25€30€35€40€

Delivery 1€/km
Booking online
Booking at the shop
Prices avalailable until end of 2021

Get the bikes wherever you are !

You want to start from a specific place in the region ? So, we can drive your bikes at that place. That’s ideal when you prepare your trip by yourself, for exemple to include some visits during the journey. Also great when you want to see other territories !

In this case, contact us before to be sure about the organization and availability of the material you need.

We proceed for transports until 80 km round-trip.